Certified mileage

Over the years our company has always stood out from the competition for our transparency and honesty.

Let’s talk about the mileage factor, it is now a very common factor among many retailers, dealers, dealerships that carry out a real speedometer facelift.

How to recognize and try not to fall for these now too widespread scams? now here we list some tips for our customers and future customers or simply to all visitors to our site.

  1. Price too attractive compared to the competition, well below the market average. Let’s remember the old saying no one gives you anything
  2. Sellers who do not want to certify the mileage on the invoice, in the deed of sale so as not to leave traces in the future for legal action
  3. Sellers where they say they “can’t” certify mileage, because the old owner or dealer didn’t, this is a hoax. The serious dealerships on the invoice always enter the mileage and if the car is exchanged by a private individual, we dealers have a “STATE OF USE” card signed at the time of collection where both kilometers and the state of use of the vehicle are recorded. vehicle.
  4. A few months ago the opportunity to check the last revision carried out with the km reported of the last revision on the site at the following link (https://www.ilportaledellautomobilista.it/web/portale-automobilista/verifica-ultima-revisione) the data is not 100% reliable because the mileage is entered manually by the operator carrying out the review, so we can calculate the human error. But be careful if the revision was done a lot earlier than the deadline, it means the “crafty seller” has detached the revision coupon and made a new revision to mask the latest revision and thus deceive the potential customer. So be careful if the revisions do not coincide with the periodic deadlines.
  5. We check the wear of the steering wheel, gear knob, worn mats, brake pedal if the wear is too much compared to the mileage, but we pay attention if they are too new the “crafty seller” a total facelift.
  6. New booklets, it is now a practice that some dealerships make new booklets to make their dealership the only owner. The most used excuse is because the booklet was lost, or was very worn but the reality is that you will not see the previous owners so that you will not be able to call them to ask for info on the mileage. It is possible to make a historical search to discover the old owners even if the booklet has been made new at the following link (https://www.tuttovisure.it/pra/visure-aci-pra?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3tfZpPHr1wIV0TLTCh2RPQD7EAAYAiAAEgJP4vD_BwE )
  7. Always request the presence of the service booklet in the car. If the booklet is missing we begin to ask ourselves 2 questions, but it is also true where the cars have a few years the service booklet is not always present, what do we do? a copy of the booklet and with the chassis we can go to the official dealership of the brand treated and with a lot of patience and diplomacy let us tell you the last steps that have been made in the official network. Remember that the service booklets are also falsified so, for any greater safety, let’s always check the frame.

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– Only for the sake of privacy we cover the plates because more than once they have copied the ads and used our photos to commit scams, putting them back on the autoscout24 sites, immediately.it with prices forgeries and have down payments sent. But just a call and we provide license plate and copy booklet by email.