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Scrap with us for free plus you get good fuel, how does it work?

Do you want to scrap your vehicle for FREE AND RECEIVE FUEL COUPONS? WITH US IT IS POSSIBLE!


We will give you up to 300 euros of fuel vouchers plus we will take care of the withdrawal and the PRA practices to be done.

  • “Running” vehicles registered from 2000 to 2002 we will deliver a 20/40 euro fuel voucher
  • “Running” vehicles registered from 2003 to 2006 we will deliver a 60/70 euro fuel voucher
  • “Running” vehicles registered from 2007 to 2015 we will deliver a fuel voucher worth 80/300 euros


Collection throughout Italy at home with wrecker

Car scrapping procedure:
just call the following telephone number to make an appointment: Mr. Bruno 327 00 88117 and make sure that you are in possession of the necessary documents (original documents, not photocopies of the holder):

  • Registration certificate – in case of withdrawal of the registration document, the original of the minutes is required.
  • Certificate of ownership C.D.P or Supplementary sheet (certifies the transfer of ownership)
  • Identity document of the holder
  • Front plate and rear plate

In the absence of one of these documents, the original loss report must be made to a Police or Carabinieri headquarters.

We will be responsible for both the transport and the removal from the public register (P.R.A.).

Upon delivery, a cancellation / certificate of scrapping / transfer of the concessionaire will be issued (taking charge) valid for all legal purposes such as insurance, which releases the customer from all civil and criminal liability.

COMPROSUBITOAUTO is able to demolish the following vehicles:

  • Mopeds
  • Motorcycles
  • Motor vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Heavy trucks
  • Trailers
  • Motorhomes
  • Camper
  • Roulottes

The demolition of a vehicle is a procedure that needs to be followed step by step to avoid incurring heavy penalties and problems with the Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Transport.

When you choose to scrap your car, the reasons can be many: it can be an old car that has passed several owners and whose repair cost would exceed the amount of a new car, or when you want to scrap a too polluting vehicle for the purchase of an innovative and ecological car.

In any case, you can decide to take the car to a dealer who will collect it while you will buy a new one, or you can take it directly to a car demolition company that will take care of demolishing and scrapping it, disposing of special scrap according to current laws. and recycling spare parts that are still usable and in excellent condition.

The qualified staff will take care of the collection of the old vehicle, freeing you from the task of moving the car from the place where it is: very often, in fact, when you decide to demolish a car it is because this is now irrecoverable and the cost to repair it exceeds far the cost of buying a new car.

The company ROTTAMAGRATIS is a guarantee that will offer you safety, seriousness, maximum competence, highly qualified personnel and above all will give you the opportunity to sleep peacefully because it acts with profound transparency towards those who with immense trust, yes turns to it to use its services


Do not worry! Fill out the form and we will contact you immediately to collect your vehicle


What happens to the insurance?

What happens when we scrap an old car and it is still covered by a valid third party liability insurance? All is not lost. It is enough to contact your company or one of the many online insurance companies.

By informing the insurance broker of the scrapping, it will in fact be possible to recover the amount of the premium still remaining, simply by moving the insurance coverage to another vehicle.

It will be sufficient to transmit the documents certifying the scrapping of the old car and the documents relating to the new vehicle. A new contract will then be prepared with a specific expiry date which will depend on the date of stipulation

Car scrapping procedure

Together with the vehicle to be demolished, it is also necessary to deliver the number plates, the registration certificate and the certificate of ownership (or the complementary sheet). In case of theft or loss of the plate or of the aforementioned documents, it is necessary to submit the relative report (or substitutive declaration of surrender of the report), previously forwarded to the Public Security bodies.

Upon delivery of the vehicle for car scrapping, the collection center is obliged to issue the owner of the vehicle with the “certificate of scrapping or passage”.

This certificate is very important as it relieves the owner of the vehicle from any liability (civil, criminal and administrative). Furthermore, from the date of delivery of the vehicle, declared in the certificate, the obligation to pay the vehicle tax or car tax ceases, which as is known is borne by the holder at the PRA.

It is therefore very important:

  • finally keep the certificate of scrapping or transfer with extreme care for any eventuality (in the first place to be able to respond in the case of fiscal checks)
  • the payment of the car tax or car tax, which as is known is the responsibility of the holder at the PRA.

If the holder of the vehicle is deceased?

The vehicle can be delivered by an heir, or by his representative as long as the heir signs a declaration that can be downloaded from the site “Heir Declaration (click here to download)” and attach his identity document.

Is the owner required to deliver the vehicle for demolition?

No, the vehicle can also be delivered by the keeper, that is a person other than the holder, whoever delivers the vehicle must provide a photocopy of an identity document in addition to the identity document of the vehicle holder.

If a vehicle is subject to administrative detention is it possible to demolish it?

No, in fact it is always necessary to prove that the vehicle is not burdened by the administrative detention by providing a survey to the PRA carried out on the same day of the delivery of the vehicle which shows that the vehicle is not burdened with registrations that do not allow its demolition.

If one of the two documents or a plate is not available?

If the registration certificate or the certificate of ownership, or a plate are not available or are illegible, it is necessary to report the loss or deterioration to the police authority or the Carabinieri.

Is it necessary to go to the PRA to complete the search?

No, it is possible to carry out an online search, there are various sites including that of the ACI that allow it. In any case, the survey can be carried out upon delivery of the vehicle through our operator who collects the vehicle or directly at our collection center upon delivery of the vehicle.

In what hours and days is the home collection or delivery to the collection center carried out?

Delivery will take place in one of our branches, it is possible to make it from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00 without reservation. Home collection is carried out on the same days and at the same times upon reservation.


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