Join the COMPROSUBITOAUTO circuit, your new multiservice dealership for the sale of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles


Comprosubitoauto is a young and dynamic company specializing in Automotive Services, born from the passion for engines and everything that revolves around them.
Our core business is the intermediation of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles between individuals and dealers using the web channel above all.
Through us, your customers will have the opportunity to sell their vehicle as a private individual but taking advantage of all the services that a dealership can offer: 12-month warranty on used vehicles, financing, RCA and ancillary insurance, transfer of ownership, car rental, service etc. …
You will become the reference point for all those who want to sell their car or motorbike; in fact, often those who are struggling with the sale of their vehicle tend to make the most of it, trying to avoid leaving it in exchange or selling it to dealers.
Your task will be to present all our services to your new customers, knowing how to advise and retain them.
Specifically you will need to:

  • Find vehicles to sell exclusively in your area (using a tried and tested tool, supplied by us and flagship of our company)
  • Create a detailed sales announcement for each vehicle
  • Manage the contacts received from each advertisement
  • Managing the negotiation between seller and buyer until the transfer of ownership

In addition you can offer your customers:

  • RCA and ancillary insurance
  • Funding
  • 12 month breakdown guarantee
  • Change of ownership
  • Car rental
  • Agreements with body shops and workshops



Comprosubitoauto is a proven business model that offers everyone the opportunity to enter a rapidly growing sector with over a million used car sales between individuals per year.
The Franchisee, therefore, even without specific experience will be able to quickly achieve operational autonomy with excellent professional and economic results in a very short time.
You will become part of a young network with great ambitions characterized by human values ​​and team spirit. You will avoid the efforts and costs typically required to start a business from scratch, being able to be operational right away using a proven business concept.
It is possible to start a new franchise agency with really affordable start-up costs; in addition, the first affiliates, in addition to the advantage of being a novelty in the area, will certainly enjoy more advantageous conditions than future colleagues, taking advantage of this network launch period.
You will only need a small room with a window facing the street and a workstation complete with desk, chest of drawers, chairs, PC and ADSL connection.
We’ll take care of the rest!
We will provide you with:

  • Use of the trademark
  • Customized proprietary software for customer acquisition.
  • Internal management software where you can publish to 70 websites
  • Territorial exclusivity
  • Operation manual
  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • State-of-the-art internal management software
  • Dedicated company account
  • System in continuous development
  • Extensive and comprehensive initial training
  • Ongoing high-level support
  • Personal page of your agency on the official website
  • Growth strategies
  • Always up-to-date marketing material
  • Professional web presence
  • Guide to obtaining an agreement for ancillary products / services
  • Business meetings and conventions

Above all we will give you the “concrete” means to earn from the first day.



  • Local exclusive: yes
  • Training: yes
  • Fees and Royalties: yes
  • Store location: any
  • Shop requirements: street front window (optional) and parking facilities
  • Minimum shop sqm: 10-20 (preferably with a privately owned square)
  • Working hours: office hours (however customizable)
  • Personnel needed to manage the store: 1-2 including the owner
  • Local furnishings: no
  • Time required for setting up the activity: 1 month
  • Launch of the business: immediate
  • Promotion in progress for affiliation: entrance fee payable in 3 installments
  • Age or gender restrictions: none
  • Qualifying qualifications or courses required: none
  • Formation or previous experience: none (only passion for engines)

We are waiting for you!

Comprosubitoauto … our passion … our work!



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