Account sales



The customer who intends to entrust his car to us will find at his disposal a staff of highly experienced professionals in the sector, who will use the best and most effective tools to promote the sale in a safe, very visible, and well-equipped structure of about 12,000 square meters.
What are the additional advantages over the “do it yourself” sale?
1) The possibility of financing the new buyer of your car through numerous associated financing.
2) The ease for us as a dealership compared to a private person to sell a car, is by withdrawing the used car in exchange, in any conditions or even cars that have been damaged, melted, mileage that maybe a private person is not interested in the least and thus skipping the sale.
3) Also through our network it will be possible to offer a warranty from 12 to 36 months on your car.
4) At your choice, you will be able to access any recovery costs using our suppliers with considerable economic savings.
5) Avoid direct contact with the various interested parties, including the “time wasters”, leaving us the burden of negotiation.
6) Our structure, placing itself in transparency with both the seller and the buyer, therefore having no personal interests, has the sole purpose of mutual satisfaction. Being able to select the cars to be considered for sale, it carries out a screening at the source, gratifying the owners of particularly well-maintained cars that normally receive summary evaluations from the dealers.
7) The sale price of the car will be carefully agreed with the customer-seller based on the real market values, thus guaranteeing a certainly higher revenue than selling it to a dealership or dealer.
8) No cost to the customer, parking, change of ownership, we require no exclusive for the sale.
9) In addition to our website, widely advertised on various reference sites in the sector, we will take care on your behalf and without any additional expense to publish and promote your car using the most important web channels in Italy and Europe.
10) In the event of a sale, the dealership will issue a regular commission invoice.


1) We carry out the sales account and subject the car to a test drive to verify its good condition.
The state of use form of the car, with already existing damages, will be attached to the contract.
If problems are found it will have to be restored or it will not be able to be marketed.
2) The car must be delivered: Empty from all personal effects, Clean, Provided only with photocopies of the booklet, Copy of Document.
4) The sale price of the car will be at the discretion of the Dealer and agreed
with the customer on the basis of analysis in terms of competitiveness appropriately to the market.
In case of a discount request during the negotiation phase, it must be accepted by the owner.
The expenses related to the transfer of ownership are charged to the buyer
5) Please make an appointment with Miss Gemma Gionta at the following number + 39 380. 1714034